Post mix, juice vending machine and drinks dispenser

Juices, teas, cocktails and shakes

Vending machine

Our vending machine Haimi is designed to quickly dispense cold juices, teas, cocktails and any type of concentrated powder drink. Ideal for hotels, restaurants, catering, sports centers and a great number of catering services. Our Haimi vending machine carry the latest technology and quality materials that allow dispensing of excellent cold and instant drinks. Beverages are dispensed at optimum temperature with minimum electrical consumption. Our vending machine stands out for it efficient size, high performance, elegant aesthetics and front-head graphic customization.

Our Haimi vending machine produces and delivers drinks from concentrates allowing great performance.

It is capable of dispensing 8 different drinks and water. With its electronic system you can have easily regulate and control many of its components: pumps speed, product quantity, stirrers speed, thermostat, self-cleaning system... On top of that has an hygienic and lighted capacitive touchscreen.


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