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Large wine fridges


Our tallest wine fridges, elegant lines for charming spaces

Wine has become one of the most

demanded items in the hotel and restaurant sector. More and more customers understand wine and choose a restaurant depending on their wine list and how they treat it.
With our large wine coolers, you can store, protect and serve wine properly. Our large wine fridges have a compressor to ensure the right functioning and temperature of your wines, to best conserve all their qualities and flavors.

Here you can find our single, and dual temperature wine coolers, with storage capacity of 100 to 150 bottles respectively.
The Imperial model of single temperature is perfect storing a type of wines, and the Imperial model of dual temperature has two different temperature zones that allow storing different wine types at the same time while keeping the properties of each in perfect condition. Both have great capacity and maintain magnificently the taste and quality of your wines.

The wine quality within the hotel, restaurants and catering industry is an competitive advantage that makes a business stand. The pleasure of enjoying a good wine is highly appreciated and therefore, investing in a good wine fridge to maintain and serve it correctly equals guarantee of success.

Our high quality large wine fridges do not need almost maintenance. Tell us your business needs. We have been solving the Horeca Channel needs for more than 25 years and we will advise you with the sole purpose of your satisfaction. Our catalog includes a wide variety of wine fridges and wine coolers. Get in touch with us and we will personally assist you by offering the best solution.

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Since its origins in 1991 Haimi has always tried to provide a solutions to an increasingly demanding market. Our extensive experience 25 years has given us a know-how in manufacturing, distributing and marketing industrial cooling systems with the purpose of getting a satisfied customer. In our catalog we have a wide variety of wine coolers for beers, drinks, and wines for correct conservation. We offer bespoke solutions in wine coolers. Trying to provide answers to the needs of our clients. adapting to the requirements of our client's space. In this innovation line, we have developed a range of bag-in-box juice, milkshake, beverage, and cocktail dispensers for hotels and buffets, with good technology and quality materials that supply excellent served drinks. Thanks to this constant innovation we have created our vending machines, easy to maintain and accepting different means of payment.

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Grupo Haimi: Distributors for the Horeca channel

Grupo Haimi has been working for the catering industry since 1991. Thanks to our effort, ideas, and ability, we managed to become one of the leading suppliers for the Horeca channel. Our primary goal is to collaborate, in order to improve the catering future. We are present in every step of the design process and produce every component with enthusiasm trying our best to reach our goal. Since 1991 we have had the best human capital and technology resources, which has placed us in a privileged position. We have managed to become quality, design and functionality benchmark in our industry, manufacturing the best products and offering a unique and personal after-sales service.

Our commitment is to create and design the best wine conservation furniture by ensuring excellent functionality and appearance. We are doing our best to offer a wide range of wine coolers which will perfectly fit into your needs. Furthermore, we offer fridges and freezers to improve any product conservation, as well as a wide range of dispensing machines. Additionally, you have the opportunity to customize your product according to your wishes. We promise you will find a fully customized quality product.

Since Grupo Haimi was born, there has been an important technical and industrial teamwork in all of our final products and new developments, making us a reference point in our sector. This website itself shows our effort and dedication. You can find all our products: a wide range of wine coolers, wine cabinets, a great variety of fridges and freezers and our latest development, dispensing and vending machines. Our teamwork is constantly under training updating to new and useful concepts and technologies. We are continuously looking for ways to optimize our technical solutions. We guarantee a check at all the manufacturing process in order to achieve our customers’ satisfaction.

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