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Beer and beverage fridges, wine coolers, wine cabinets, dispensing and vending machines

We offer a wide range of fridges and wine coolers with an excellent value for money. We also have juice, smoothies, cocktail, and drinks dispenser machines. We have been working in this sector for more than 25 years, and that is where our know-how and great experience comes from.

juice and beverage dispensing machine


Offer your customers a great experience with our dispensing machines

We have developed a wide selection of juices, smoothies, and cocktails dispensing machines for hotels and restaurants, an excellent help for buffet services.

Discover our top quality dispensing machines. Some of their most interesting characteristics are:

  • High quality components
  • Quantity control
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Optimal temperature delivery
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance



More than 25 years devoted to the Horeca channel

Quality, functionality and design benchmark

We have a large selection of wine and beer coolers, wine cabinets, fridges, freezers and dispensing machines. You can customize your cooler with your name or brand. You can even create your own wine space mixing different pieces of furniture and choosing the color that best matches your design. Do not hesitate to contact us

We will help you with our experience, dedication and professionalism

Contact us with any doubt you might have, we will be happy to solve it and guide you through. Please, contact us for more detailed information. Our phone number is +34 948713242. You can also send us an email to comercial@gruohaimi.com or use our contact form. Our expert team will attend you with great dedication.


A working methodology to succeed in the catering sector



We have been working with the catering sector for more than 25 years. Our experience and expertise are thoroughly prove


Technical team

Our team is in constant development, always looking for new ways to optimize our products technical solutions.



We are a quality, functionality and design reference. Manufacturing the best products and offering the best after-sales services.



We work with a sole goal: to offer our clients high quality products, personal design and high durability. Grupo Haimi is a guarantee.

Personalizamos nuestras neveras verticales

Dale un diseño único y personal a tu nevera o armario climatizado

Cuéntanos tu idea y las necesidades que tienes y nosotros te asesoraremos con el único fin de que quedes satisfecho. Nuestro catálogo incluye una gran selección de neveras y cámaras  para  bebidas, cervezas y refrescos y una amplia gama de enfriadores y vinotecas para la conservación de botellas de vino.

Hemos desarrollado una amplia gama de máquinas dispensadoras de zumos, cocktails y batidos fríos para hoteles y restaurantes. Ideales para el gran número de servicios de los buffets.

Nuestras máquinas dispensing de zumos y cócktails concentrados ofrecen bebidas de muy alta calidad. Tienen la posibilidad de 4 a 8 canales de servicio y han ido evolucionando según las necesidades de nuestros clientes. Están fabricadas en acero inoxidable y su tarjeta electrónica las dota de un ágil  y fácil manejo.

Te damos la posibilidad de fabricar tu botellero en madera a medida. Indicamos las medidas que necesitas y que estás buscando y nos adaptamos a tus necesidades. Pídenos presupuesto sin compromiso.

Posibilidad de combinar diferentes muebles en madera con la gama creación para crear  tu propio espacio único de vino combinando varios muebles y eligiendo el tinte de la madera que mejor se adapte a tu decoración.

Dale un diseño único y personal a tu nevera o armario climatizado para vino añadiendo tu logo .Te ofrecemos la posibilidad de personalizar las neveras y enfriadores de vino con el logo de tu empresa. Puedes personalizarlos en vinilo ó serigrafía, contacta con nosotros y te asesoraremos para que puedas decidir que te conviene más.

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Grupo Haimi: Distributors for the Horeca channel

Grupo Haimi has been working for the catering industry since 1991. Thanks to our effort, ideas, and ability, we managed to become one of the leading suppliers for the Horeca channel. Our primary goal is to collaborate, in order to improve the catering future. We are present in every step of the design process and produce every component with enthusiasm trying our best to reach our goal. Since 1991 we have had the best human capital and technology resources, which has placed us in a privileged position. We have managed to become quality, design and functionality benchmark in our industry, manufacturing the best products and offering a unique and personal after-sales service.

Our commitment is to create and design the best wine conservation furniture by ensuring excellent functionality and appearance. We are doing our best to offer a wide range of wine coolers which will perfectly fit into your needs. Furthermore, we offer fridges and freezers to improve any product conservation, as well as a wide range of dispensing machines. Additionally, you have the opportunity to customize your product according to your wishes. We promise you will find a fully customized quality product.

Since Grupo Haimi was born, there has been an important technical and industrial teamwork in all of our final products and new developments, making us a reference point in our sector. This website itself shows our effort and dedication. You can find all our products: a wide range of wine coolers, wine cabinets, a great variety of fridges and freezers and our latest development, dispensing and vending machines. Our teamwork is constantly under training updating to new and useful concepts and technologies. We are continuously looking for ways to optimize our technical solutions. We guarantee a check at all the manufacturing process in order to achieve our customers’ satisfaction.