Contactless Hands Sanitizer Nebulizer - HAIMI


Contactless Hands Sanitizer Nebulizer


Head containing:
1. Nebulizer
2. Hands sensor and UV leds
3. Electronic main board
It’s decorated with a hands ilustration that has been cut in a stainless steel plate, which at the same time is the way out for the liquid left after nebulisation.

Column containing:
1. Pump
2. Tank/ Bag in Box
3. Tank/ Bag in Box spare unit
Battery can also be located there when neccessary.

Haimi - Sanitizer for your hands.

First the user brings his hands closer, then the sensor detects it and misuses disinfectant during the preprogrammed time. Customized customization to the client in our same facilities.

Fogging autonomy

5 Liters in non-viscous liquid gel = More than 7,000 sprays in standard factory configuration.
Nebulization saves excess fluid that comes out when mechanically removed, just like in irrigation systems.


Comparative consumption and filling manually and using our machine.


Number of hand cleanings with 500 ml sanitizing GEL (70% alcohol) manual use

420 hand cleanings

Approximate price of the gel = 17.7 Bottles of GEL x 7.5 euros = 132.75 euros

With Machine

Number of hand cleanings with 500 ml sanitizing liquid (70% alcohol)

777 hand cleanings

5 liter tank price = 42 euros

Contactless Hands Sanitizer Nebulizer - HAIMI


Change 17’7 bottles of GEL hig.
Change 1 bottle of 5 liters hig liquid.

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