Commercial fridge

Commercial fridges

Camfri 360, our best display coolers

We introduce you to the Camfri 360 fridge. A large capacity fridge that allows to cool, expose and keep your drinks and products in perfect conditions. It is a highly demanded cooler, designed to display drinks or products with its glass door and interior spot-light that helps to highlight them. It has a compressor to ensure its proper functioning. It has a good cooling capacity that gets drinks and products to the right temperature and keeps them in perfect condition. It is a practical and functional fridge, ideal for cafes, bars and restaurants that need to cool and display drinks without taking up too much space. It also has an external and luminous headboard where we can place your logo, giving a unique and personal touch to your space.


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Since its origins in 1991 Haimi has always tried to provide a solutions to an increasingly demanding market. Our extensive experience 25 years has given us a know-how in manufacturing, distributing and marketing industrial cooling systems with the purpose of getting a satisfied customer. In our catalog we have a wide variety of wine coolers for beers, drinks, and wines for correct conservation. We offer bespoke solutions in wine coolers. Trying to provide answers to the needs of our clients. adapting to the requirements of our client's space. In this innovation line, we have developed a range of bag-in-box juice, milkshake, beverage, and cocktail dispensers for hotels and buffets, with good technology and quality materials that supply excellent served drinks. Thanks to this constant innovation we have created our vending machines, easy to maintain and accepting different means of payment.

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